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Windows Loader 2.2.1 By DAZ + WAT Fix “ReUp” | 1.98 MB
The safe and simple way to activate Windows
This is the loader application that’s used by millions of public worldwide, well known for passing Microsoft’s WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) and is arguably the safest Windows activation exploit ever made. The application itself injects a SLIC (System Licensed Domestic Code) into your system before Windows boots; this is what fools Windows into thought it’s genuine.
Changes in translation 2.2.1:
* Added a new GRLDR
* Redesigned the advanced options tab and added an option to relocate the RSDP to the EBDA
* Added Seneca and Twinhead Windows 7 Professional keys
* Added BenQ Windows 7 Home Premium key
* Added Seneca SLIC and certificate
* Other minor tweaks and fixes
WAT Fix will:
Uninstall RemoveWAT (or similar)
Uninstall HA򻙰
Uninstall Chew7
Uninstall uODIN
Right file permissions
Right vital system files
Right services required for activation
Right VBS file associations
Remove Microsoft entries from the HOSTS file
New Windows 8 product key and keygen serial 32bit 64bit and activation

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