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SimCity Free

Sim City is hitting shelves March of 2013! But hold on! To help spread the word we want to offer you Sim City FREE! Spread the word of SimCity and recieve your copy of the world′s favorite city simulation game!

Spread the word!

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About SimCity Free

SimCity Free was designed to make awareness for the game and get the game in the hands of diehard fans like you! It is our hope that you delight in the game sufficient to let all of your friends know to get the game come March 2013!
Not just fun! Accurate! SimCity is not only amazingly fun but the city simulation accurately represents real-world data. Except of course for when you use your divine intervention to summon volcanoes and rain fire. Cause car accidents, train wrecks, fires, tornadoes, and more! Nuclear melt downs? You got it!
Are you ready to play? Sim City Free is not a cut-down translation of the game, you get the FULL game for free.

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